2021.09.26 (SUN)


   四谷 sound creek DOPPO



 2021.11.27 (SAT)




    ptf ワンマンライブ

  "live Χ"



ptf_genesis of the stars

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CD Information

   Latest album 
        "Genesis of the Stars"
    is coming soon!!
  Stay tuned!!!

[Track List]

 #1. Pluto

 #2. Invasion

 #3. Kaleidoscope

 #4. Latent Pulse

 #5. Genesis of the Stars

  Part1. The Origin
  Part2. Overture
  Part3. Dawn of the Planet
  Part4. Floating in the Atmosphere
  Part5. Disturbance
  Part6. Dawn of the Planet (reprise)
  Part7. Contact with Giants
  Part8. Inherit the Stars